Advanced Qigong Practices – Higher Level Qigong Training

So, you are ready to take Qigong to the next level, to learn more about this ancient Chinese practice, but where do you go from here? There is so much to learn, so many techniques to digest and exercises to perfect, but if you stick with the teachings of one master and one center, then you can keep everything simple and straightforward while you progress from being a relative novice to a Qigong expert.

The Spring Forest Qigong Center

Located in Minnesota, the Spring Forest Qigong Center was founded by Master Lin, who still runs the center to this day, teaching the thousands of students that sign-up to his retreats every year, and compiling home-study courses of those that are unable to make the journey.

The Spring Forest Qigong Center offers a basic level 1 Qigong package known as the SFQ Fundamentals course, and this has helped many students to learn about the basics of Qigong and to ensure they have the fundamentals nailed down. There are 4 more levels beyond this though, with many level 2 to 5 courses available either as online courses and teleseminars, or as offline retreats. There are also additional level 1 techniques and practices.

Level 1 Extras

Once you have the SFQ Fundamentals course covered, you can look towards some of the other level 1 courses. These include the Small Universe meditation guide, which you can download as an MP3 or purchase as a CD. In this course you will be guided by Master Lin himself as he shows you this crucial mediation technique.

There is also something known as Qi-ssage Healing, which is a comprehensive series of Qigong techniques that Master Lin created. It combines both Qigong and traditional TCM massage to create a series of techniques that can aid with personal healing and can also be used to heal others. The Qi-ssage course is advised for all level 1 students and comes with many of the same elements that you can find in the SFQ Fundamentals course, including a CD, a DVD and a manual to bring these elements together.

Level 2 to Level 3

The intermediate stage of the courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center cover both level 2 and level 3. These include the Qigong for Healing level 2 course as well as a number of other elements. The Sun Meditation and Mood Meditation techniques are also covered at this stage of your practice. So, if you have made your way through the basics covered in level 1 and you are ready to take the next step, then this is where you should be.

Advanced Courses/Master Qigong Training

The final steps in the training provided by the Spring Forest Qigong Center is to become a master of Qigong. This is not an easy process, nor is it a quick one, but it is one that many Qigong proponents go through every year and it is one that many of these students complete. The advanced levels offer everything from advanced healing to Rainbow Meditation.

The final element of the course materials provided by the Spring Forest Qigong Center is the 24-step Awaken the Master Within program. This can be completed at the center itself, under guidance from Master Lin and other Qigong masters, but it is also available online through the Spring Forest Qigong Center’s website.


Another aspect of training with the Spring Forest Qigong Center are the many live teleseminars that they offer. These are live calls with Master Lin himself and there are 4 of them available every month. You can also purchase a back catalogue of these calls, available as prerecorded MP3s. These teleseminars can complement the structured courses offered by the center and the Awakening the Master Within teleseminar is recommended for anyone looking to take the final steps and to become a Qigong master.

More Training with the Spring Forest Qigong Center

Master Lin, the center’s founder, also has a book titled Born A Healer, which is ideal whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for a number of years. On the Spring Forest Qigong Center website you can also find a host of other resources, as well as a schedule of their available retreats and courses.


The final and last steps are to take levels 4 and 5, which are currently being restructured as advanced healer and teacher courses. These retreats undertake students into deeper meditations, fasts, visualizations and mind training in order to strengthen individual Qi, spirituality and healing  components. These are the final steps to becoming certified at SFQ and are  some of the most intimate methods to get closer to Master Lin as well as break into the training Daoists in China have been known to go through. To really penetrate into a new level of understanding and practice within Qigong, entering into these courses is necessary and they are what separates the serious students from the casual learners.

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