Qigong for Beginners – Basic Exercises and Meditation

You don’t need a wealth of knowledge to practice Qigong effectively, and you can begin to realize the benefits of this ancient art almost immediately. If you really want to experience the benefits of Qigong, then you should consider investing in an advanced guide from a training center such as Spring Forest Qigong. A little more on that later though, first, let’s run through a few simple exercises and meditations.

Simple Exercises

Understanding the basics of Qigong is easy and you can guide yourself through several simple exercises and meditations with relative ease. Just because these exercises are easy, doesn’t mean that they aren’t hugely beneficial, so don’t worry about starting small and keeping it simple to begin with.

Before you begin any exercise, you should take a few deep breaths and try to clear your mind, preparing yourself for the exercises ahead. Both of these simple exercises are endorsed by Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong, and you can find them in many of the beginner courses offered by this healing center.

  • Moving of Yin & Yang: In this exercise you need to stand up straight, and put your hands in front of your body, with your left hand towards your waist, your right hand towards your chest, and your palms turned into your body. Visualize and feel a column of energy, beginning at the bottom of your torso and going up to you face, as you focus. You then need to move your hands, moving your right hand out and down to the bottom of your torso, and your left hand in and up to your face. Keep this movement going as you visualize the column of energy flowing up and down.
  • Breathing of the Universe: This exercise can follow the Moving of Yin & Yang exercise explained above. It begins with both of your hands on the bottom of your torso, one over the other, which is a natural finishing position for the Moving of Yin & Yang exercise. There should be a space between your hands and your torso, and a space between each hand. Take three deep breaths in this position and then slowly move your hands out to the side and then back to the center, visualizing and feeling the energy as you do. During this exercise you should also visualize all of your body’s pain and negativity as a black smoke, and one which is expelled from your body as you perform these movements, leaving only a pure, clean and healthy energy in its wake.

Simple Meditations

Basic Qigong meditation is simple, but it also serves as the foundation for many Qigong practices and is an important exercise in any practitioner’s daily life.

You can meditate standing up, sitting down or lying down. Whatever is most comfortable for you. To meditate, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find Your Center: Often lying between your naval and chest, your center is what keeps you balanced and focused.
  2. Straighten Up: Whether you are sitting, lying or standing, you need to make sure your back is perfectly straight and that your body feels rooted to the earth.
  3. Focus: Direct your eyes inward, to your body. It may help if you open them slightly, letting a little light in, but it’s best that they are not open completely.
  4. Stay On Track: Your mind will try to wander, your body will try to loosen and hunch, so keep yourself straight, keep your head high and your center aligned. Cast away those unwanted thoughts and focus only on your breathing.
  5. Breathe: It may help if you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, feeling and experiencing your breath, but do whatever feels more comfortable to you.

Basic meditation is at the heart of all Qigong practices. You should always focus on your breath, you should always stay aligned and you should always look to discard those unwanted thoughts.

Becoming a Qigong Master

As you have probably discovered, learning these exercises without proper guidance is not easy, which is why we always advise you follow visual instructions from experienced Qigong practitioners, such as Master Lin from the Spring Forest Qigong Center.

Their SFQ Fundamentals is recommended for anyone looking to master the basics. This guide can help you to unlock your healing energy, achieve your optimal health and help you to make your first steps on the road to empowerment. This package was pieced together by Master Lin, a respected Qigong practitioner and master.

If you prefer the practical approach, there are also some workshops available, where you can go at your own pace and learn Qigong your way.

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