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Qigong is a visual art-form, one that you really need to see to understand and to digest in all its detail. It’s difficult to relay the range of motions associated with Qigong exercises using just words, and it’s just as difficult to tell someone about them. That’s why visual mediums are so effective, and if you can’t get an actual teacher to help you and show you the ropes, then the next best thing is to pickup a DVD that can assume the role of a fully qualified teacher.

The DVDs listed below are all available from the Spring Forest Qigong Center, which is run by Master Lin and is one of the most respected Qigong centers in North America. Here you can learn everything from Qigong fundamentals to advanced techniques, most of which are available in DVD form.

SFQ Fundamentals

Although simple, this easy-to-follow media package will effortlessly guide you through the basics of Qigong, covering all the fundamentals. This package includes a manual and a CD, but the essence of this course lies in the DVD, in which you can follow Master Lin himself as he guides you through some specialized movement and meditation exercises. This is all part of a “Qigong for Health Level One” course offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center, and if you’re new to this ancient art, or you’re getting back into the basics after a long time away, it’s a great place to start.

The best thing about this home-study course is that it really is as simple as it says. Qigong courses have a tendency to overload you with information, and to a beginner, this is a sure-fire way to throw you off course and force you to lose interest. None of that takes place here though — it’s just a no-nonsense introduction to the basics.

Qigong for Healing

The Qigong for Healing course is the second step after the Qigong for Health course mentioned above. Containing a DVD, a manual and a Breathing Guided Meditation CD, this course expands on what you learn in the first level, teaching you how you can use Qigong to heal yourself of everything from gall stones, lung problems and strokes, to mental disorders and even cancer.

If you have already taken the first course then this is a natural progression, but you can also jump straight into level two if you feel that’s where you’re at with your understanding of Qigong. If you feel up for it, if you complete this course and feel like you want to take things to the next level, there is also a third course available, which is centered around a manual and two CDs on meditation.

Qi-ssage Learning Course

Master Chunyi Lin created Qi-ssage as a way of improving health and wellbeing. It is a simple but effective technique that can maintain the balance of yin and yang in your body, empowering your mind and helping your energies to flow.

As with the SFQ Fundamentals course, this is a fully comprehensive course, containing a manual and a CD as well as a DVD. In the DVD you will learn techniques that can improve the flow of energy, all with guidance from Master Chunyi Lin himself. Master Lin promises “head-to-toe” guidance, something which he certainly delivers on. He walks students through these practices in a manner that is seamless and easy to follow, allowing you to practice as you watch.

The DVD also contains a number of graphics that help you to visualize the process, making it easier to understand and process, and ensuring that what you learn while you watch the DVD stays with you for some time afterwards.

More Videos from the Spring Forest Qigong Center

If these DVDs haven’t quite sated your appetite for Qigong, there is plenty more where they come from. The Spring Forest Qigong Center has an extensive range of courses, tutorials, guides and more. They also run several courses and retreats, with 3 day, 4 day and 5 day healing packages available.

You can also find an array of videos from Master Lin on the Spring Forest Qigong Center Youtube channel. Although not as comprehensive as their many course materials, these videos provide a great introduction to the Spring Forest Qigong Center and to Master Lin.

For more details on these videos, the Spring Forest Qigong Center and on the many courses that they offer, pay a visit to their website.

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