Review of Spring Forest Level 2 Healer’s Course

Whether you have already sailed through the Level 1 course materials offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center, or you simply feel that you are ready to bypass Level 1 and to advance towards the next level, the SFQ Qigong for Healing course can drastically improve your life and your understanding of this ancient practice.

Qigong For Healing

So, just what does this course offer? Well, if you have already passed the SFQ Fundamentals course, then you will have been given a taste and may know what to expect. If not, then you have probably heard of Master Lin’s teachings. As the founder of the Spring Forest Center, Master Lin is one of the most respected Qigong teachers in the west, and his teachings have had a huge impact on Qigong in the west.

This course consists of the following:

  • DVD: This is where you will learn the exercises you need for this stage of your education. These are performed by Master Lin himself, who will guide you through, teaching you a few essentials on the way.
  • CD: The Energy Breathing Guided Meditation CD will help you with the meditative exercises that provide a crucial foundation for all Qigong.
  • Manual: This book should be read prior to beginning the course and as an accompaniment to the course. It provides all the information you need to know at this stage.

There are also many other exercises, meditations and courses that you can take at this intermediate stage. You will find information of these on the Spring Forest Qigong website, where you will also be able to move onto the advanced Qigong courses.

End Your Suffering

This course can help you to target ailments all over your body, from the psychological to the physiological. Qigong, if done right, can help you from head-to-toe. It is an all-over treatment that targets every aspect of your physical and mental self, and can help you in the following areas:

  • Aches and Pains: From migraines and headaches, to back pain, neck pain and more. This applies to generalized pain, to pain caused by arthritis, and to pain caused by other muscle and done diseases. It also works for pain that is a result of poor posture or injury.
  • Diseases of the Blood: If you suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar, then this course can help. Your blood needs to be healthy for your body to be healthy, and any issues here could be a severe detriment to your overall health.
  • Heart Problems: Your heart is the focal point of your physical well-being, yet because many modern diets are rich in heart-damaging saturated fats and sodium, this organ can experience a lot of suffering. Fortunately, these practices can help with heart diseases, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • Mental Health: Stress and depression are common ailments in the modern world, and when your mental health suffers, your physical health follows. A healthy mind is essential for a healthy life, and this course can help you with depression, stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder and other mental health conditions.
  • Serious Problems: This intermediate Qigong healing course can even help you with serious diseases and illnesses, ranging from cancerous tumors, to severe lung and respiratory issues. They can also help you to recover from a stroke.
  • Fitness: Struggling to control your weight or to keep your health in check? The practices and the techniques on this course can help.

How This Course Can Help

You don’t need to be suffering in order to benefit from this course. Qigong is not just for people with physical or mental ailments, and it’s not just for those who want to help others. Qigong practices can be applied to every aspect of your life to make you a happier, healthier and more contented person. It should not be seen as merely a cure, or even as a preventative practice, but rather as a lifestyle choice.

That’s the viewpoint that more than 250,000 SFQ students have taken. All of these students have benefited from this Level 2 course and from Master Lin’s teachings. And when you sign-up for this course and begin to reap the benefits that it can bring, you will understand why the SFQ is so popular, why Master Lin is so revered in this industry and why the art of Qigong has flourished for more than 5,000 years.

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