Qigong Meditations – Qigong Techniques for Meditation

Meditation is the foundation of all Qigong practice, and it is essential to get this aspect correct. Meditation can help you to relax, it can help you to open your body and, most importantly, it can help you to heal yourself and others.

Qigong: How To Meditate

Master Lin, one of the most respected Qigong masters in North America, provides valuable guidance on Qigong meditation that we can defer to here. He teaches a number of techniques, which we can look at briefly.

These techniques form just a small part of the teachings that Master Lin provides, and there are hundreds of exercises, meditation practices and more, all of which you can find at the Spring Forest Qigong website.

  • Basic Meditation: Master Lin’s recommended way to meditate is to sit with a straight back. This can be in a chair or in the lotus position, whatever is more comfortable. Stay straight and rest your hands on your thighs with your fingers slightly spread. Straighten your chin, pull your shoulders down and then focus on your breath. You need to breathe deeply, and to center your attentions on that breath, dismissing any unwanted thoughts that appear. You only need to sit for a few minutes, or for as long as you feel comfortable, after which you can relax, and shake off any tension.
  • Meditation for Improved Relationships: This practice is designed to help you heal and improve your relationships, regardless of whether you are having problems with friends, colleagues or loved ones. In a meditative pose, press the tips of your thumbs and forefingers together to create a loop, and then lock the loops on both of your hands together. Keeping the loops connected, bring your hands to you torso, relax, think about those relationships, telling how much you love those people, and then meditate on that connection.

Professional Qigong Guidance

It’s not always easy to find the motivation to meditate by yourself, to get yourself into the right mindset and to make sure that you follow the proper techniques. This is less true if you have been practicing Qigong for some time, in which case you should have the determination and the willingness to practice. However, if you are new to Qigong, and to eastern practices in general, then this may be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

That’s why we usually recommend that you sign-up for a Qigong course, preferably one taught by an expert, or that you simply follow some instructional videos. Not only can you then learn from a master, but doing things this way you can see how you should be sitting, how you should be moving and even how you should be breathing. There is only so much you can learn via the written word, but if you follow a video then it’s like being in a room with your own tutor.

Above we listed a few techniques created by Master Chunyi Lin from the Spring Forest Qigong Center. If you do want this professional guidance, and if you want to take your Qigong practicing to the next level, then Master Lin can help. Through the Spring Forest Qigong Center he has created a number of courses around Qigong meditation, exercises and other techniques.

These include the following meditation courses, all of which are available at the Spring Forest Qigong website.

  • Small Universe: Available as a 30 minute meditation and a 60 minute meditation, this meditation guide was designed to help you clear energy blockages and improve overall health. It is a powerful technique, but thanks to the Small Universe CD and digital download, it is very easy to follow.
  • Six Word Chant: Qigong combines a lot of cultural and religious practices, and in this particular meditation you will learn a simple Buddhist chant, helping you to calm the mind and the body.
  • Rainbow Meditation: This is a Level 4 course, so it is only advisable for advanced students. The purpose of this practice is to develop the third eye, an important part of being an advanced Qigong practitioner.
  • Inner Beauty: This is not a meditation and is simply meditation music, but it can still play a huge role in your Qigong practices. It was created by Master Chunyi Lin and provides a serene backdrop for all Qigong practices.
  • Healing Our World: The purpose of this meditation is to share your love and your energy with the world. In the words of Master Chunyi Lin himself, “Through the power of love we can heal ourselves and our world.”
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