Qigong Teacher Certification – How to Become a Certified Instructor

If you are devoted enough to the art of Qigong, and you have the patience and the skill needed to progress to the very limits of your potential, then you can become a Qigong teacher, gaining the necessary qualifications needed to call yourself a Qigong Master.

But what steps are needed to make it this far?

Online Certification

These days, you don’t need to travel the world, to stay in far-off hotels or dormitories in order to study what you want to study. This is the age of online learning, and not only can you discover everything you need to know about Qigong online, but you can also get the certifications needed to make a career of it.

One of the leading online Qigong schools is the Spring Forest Qigong Center, which is run by Master Chunyi Lin, one of the most respected Qigong experts in North America. This center is based in Minnesota, so it’s not always practical for us Canadians to make it down there for one of their many retreats. However, everything you can study at the center itself, can also be found on their website.

Advancing Through the Levels

Just because it’s not a grand university, doesn’t mean that the courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Center are a given. In fact, even before you begin your teacher training, you should look to advance through the many Qigong course levels.

There are 5 levels at the Spring Forest Qigong Center, beginning with the SFQ Fundamentals course, where you learn the basics of Qigong, including simple meditation and essential exercises, and where you can also learn techniques such as Qi-ssage Healing and Small Universe meditation.

Once you have progressed, you will have learned a wealth of information about Qigong from a true master of the art-form. From that point on you can then look to awaken the master within you.

Becoming a Master

So, just what courses are available at the Spring Forest Qigong Center for those looking to become a Master in this practice?

  • 24 Steps To Awaken The Master Within: This is a comprehensive package consisting of 24 courses in total, in which you will learn how to unlock your hidden potential and how to take the first steps towards becoming a true Qigong Master. In the words of Master Lin himself, these 24 steps can, “Help you discover and live your limitless life.”
  • Teleseminars: The Spring Forest Qigong Center offers a number of live teleseminars taught by Masters at the center. These include the Working with the Masters teleseminar, which will provide a great introduction for your training. After this you can advance towards the Awakening the Master Within teleseminar, which contains a couple of sessions on higher healing and enlightenment, as well as a 90 minute session on special focus meditation.
  • Meditation Guides: If you want to become a Qigong Master then you should look to acquaint yourself with all of the teachings of Master Lin, a true expert in this ancient art-form. You can purchase these guides on audio CD or as digital downloads in the form of MP3s. They are all narrated by Master Lin, aimed at Qigong students of all levels. If you want to make it as a master, then things like the Rainbow Meditation and Back to the Universe should be second nature to you.

Visiting the Spring Forest Qigong Center

If you are able to make it to the Spring Forest Qigong Center, then this is the perfect way to make it as a Qigong Master. This way you can meet and learn directly from Master Lin and others. You can also take some of the courses mentioned above at the center itself, including the 24 step Awakening the Master Within course.

To qualify for entry to this level 5 course you need to have at least a level 4 qualification, and you also need to get in early, as there are a limited number of spaces available on this course and they fill up very quickly. If you are able to make it to the Spring Forest Qigong Center for this special retreat, then you will learn everything you need to know to become a Qigong master, including:

  • Group/Couple Qigong: Heal others and get others involved.
  • Better Health: Improve your wellbeing and your life span.
  • Healing: Learn how to heal your spirit, your heart and your mind.
  • Develop Powers: Travel to the past, the future, and unlock your powers.
  • Senses: Develop your senses to taste better, hear more and see further.
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